Delivering Real Value Through Cost Reductions

Our business operation is based in Singapore with office and representative offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The cost of managing, producing, storing and distributing goods is directly related to the number and variation of those goods.  Let us propose that potential cost reduction actions should meet the following three requirements:

1. Deliver reliable short-term results

2. Deliver sustainable long-term efficiencies

3. Support – or at least avoid compromising – strategic positioning

The most effective means of reducing supply chain costs is through inventory reductions. Some companies argue that inventory should be maintained at higher levels to improve customer service. In reality, the right mix of current inventory, elimination of old and obsolete inventory, tight integration with demand planning and identification of appropriate safety stock targets can lead to even higher levels of service.

ALS Trading and Distribution offer vendors an immediate access into this region, a wide established network of more than 1000 dealers, re-sellers, system integrators and corporate customers.