Founded in 2010, ALS Trading and Distribution is a subsidiary of EC3 group of companies.

We are engaged in the distribution of different categories of trading products , mainly in these sectors :

+ Packing Material
+ Wooden Flooring
+ Food and beverage
+ Paper and Towel
+ Hardware

Our business operation is based in Singapore with office and representative offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Request a quote today.
ALS Trading and Distribution offer vendors an immediate access into this region, a wide established network of more than 1000 dealers, re-sellers, system integrator and corporate customers.

ALS Trading and Distribution strength lies in its strong understanding of customer requirements of the industries that we serve in, its ability to maintain a good level of stocks to meet the requirements of customers and the ability to offer alternative brands.

ALS Trading and Distribution can also value add to customers by providing complete and cost effective supply chain solutions with our in-house logistics company, ALS Logistics Cargo Warehouse and project management expertise.

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